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At Musselman Associates, we understand the research and procedure needed to have completeness with each job. Whether we survey a small lot or a large development, we use the same thorough process every time. We're proud of our work and we stand behind it 100%.

Looking to put up a new fence? We take care of installation.


Make sure your land is suitable for your project

If you're looking to build a home or building, or put in a road or driveway, you'll need a topographic survey to show perimeter boundary lines and see if you will get enough return on the number of lots you're constructing. It's also helpful for showing the contours of the land and how flat it is or if there are any steep slopes. The survey will also bring to light any environmental concerns, such as wetlands.


Enjoy a wide range of surveying services

  •    Land surveying

  •    Subdivision surveying

  •    Land development

  •    Property surveys

  •    Topographic surveys

  •    Construction stakeouts


Find out where your property lines are

We handle complete surveying needs, including courthouse research, deeds, and existing conditions. We'll also reveal your property lines via pins for when you're considering getting a shed, putting an addition on your house, or installing fencing. Discovering through old documents where the lines were originally determined is the key, as historically the property lines may have been in a different location.


Get in touch with us

At Musselman Associates, we can provide all services required to complete a project, such as courthouse research, drafting, plan preparation, generating contours, profiles, etc. Give us a call!

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